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Lucy Enterprise is an innovative Solution developed to help you run all of your business activities and operation under one unified platform. It is litarly the future of business and digital integrations, these solutions can save lots of time and energy and create a fantastic synergy between all team members with detailed reports and analysis.
From handling all HR tasks, to easily communicating with any staff, to assigning tasks and following up on open projects, to monitoring the overall financial performance, and many more functionalities that are essential for a successful business.

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Increase Of Work Efficiency

Reduce the amount of wasted time and unnecessary back and forth communication between your team with our built-in efficiency tools

Fast Team Communication

Converse with any staff member in the organization, whether individually or by creating groups. You can even create chat groups for each project and check on their status

Realtime Financial Monitoring

Track and monitor all your cash inflow and outflow, prepare invoices and quotations with a customized dashboard all in real-time

Secured Documents Storage

Gather all your documents and files under one single platform allowing you to easily allocate any document at any time and anywhere.

Run your Sales and Marketing Together

The built-in CRM system allows you to categorize your contacts, leads, potential clients, closed accounts and track the performance of each of your sales and marketing members.

Manage Tasks and Projects

Create tasks and projects and instantly assign them to the members involved. With this feature you can also track the status of each project.

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Move to optimze your business Digitally

Stay on top of your game with your personalized dashboard which allows you to quickly identify your strengths, opportunities, and which departments in your organization require the most attention. It’s by identifying the key drivers to your business that allow companies to flourish and grow at an exponential rate

Manage and Monitor Every Detail in Your Company, Anytime and from Anywhere

It’s no secret that businesses around the world are now shifting their operation to become digital and cloud based as it allows to operate from anywhere at any time. With a few simple clicks you could also step into the digital world and take your company to a new level of efficiency and cost savings.

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We offer tailor made and customizable plans based on each business’s requirements and needs. Sign up today and get the best offer in the market.

Your Company’s Management System Starts Here

One platform to increase your Organization’s productivity through better management, faster communication, detailed analytical reports, and efficient task delegation

Manage Sales
and Clients

Gather all your sales and customers under a unified platform to maximize your profit and identify opportunities

Organize your CRM

Add, update and remove existing and new clients or vendors with all their contact details, from phone numbers to emails to addresses and companies


Allocate your resources where they are most needed and ensure an efficient utilization for each member in your company

Mark your Activities

Our built-in calendar allows you to create internal and external meeting appointments where participants immediately get notified and can get access to the meeting minutes


Instantly generate reports from any active department in your organization, from attendance to leads to financial status, to meetings and many more

Find What
You Need

The integrated search and filter mechanism allows you to easily and quickly find what you are looking for and mark certain tasks or assignments as favorites for ease of access

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Our uniquely added values guarantee a smooth and efficient operation to any enterprise as digital optimization is becoming essential for a better growth

Cloud System

There’s no better way to run a company than to have running on a cloud based system with more efficiency and faster operation

Data Secured

We take security as a number one priority and our partnership with the world class server, AWS, ensures that all of our clients are 100% secure and all their businesses and kept guarded by their owners

Multi Control

Give access to as many staff and team members as you require, the flexibility of our system allows you to grant access to all leaders and business owners

Fast Integration

Start today and easily shift your existing operation to become on cloud where we will take care of your smooth transition and integration

Easy Customization

Personalize and customize the system to fit within your company’s brand identity and look and feel

Efficient Resources

Looking to optimize your manpower, Lucy Enterprise is an essential resource in every company which features fast, secure, and reliable operation

Quick Transition

From storing documents, to adding a new employee, to generating reports and issuing invoices or quotations, all are just few clicks away


Customize your Lucy Enterprise to be in English and arabic language of your preference

Maximize Your Profit

By optimizing your resources and tracking all your financial activities, business owners are easily able to identify some key factors for more profit and business growth

Exclusive pricing plans

Operate, store and communicate with your team online real time

It is the time to run your full operations online

  • Advanced Website
  • Management Dashboard
  • Team Communication
  • Data Storage
  • HR
Manage, operate and control
  • Basic +
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Team & HR
  • Invoicing and Accounting
Run Your Business
Fully Online
  • Business +
  • Leads and CRM
  • Full Reports
  • Client Directory
  • AI Support

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